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We Teach Business Owners About the Customer Relationship Timeline

What is the Customer Relationship Timeline?

It's the relationship journey a person takes from a complete stranger of your business to a customer. Each stage requires its own marketing strategy and uses a specific combination of mediums (i.e. branding, website, social media) to advance to the next. Regardless if you are a B2C or B2B business, the Timeline can apply to and positively impact your business growth!

Who Should Attend Our Workshops?

Business owners of any size or industry can gain valuable marketing strategies with our Workshops. With our guidance, you'll be able to set up a Marketing System that turns strangers into loyal, die-hard customers while building the foundations of your business' own in-house marketing department!

Topic 1: Finding Your Brand Identity

Duration: 20 Minutes

Busy Business Owners learn the importance of communicating their brand to others and fill out our Buzzwords Worksheet!

Topic 2: Owning Your Brand Wisely

Duration: 10 Minutes

We introduce the Customer Relationship Timeline and how the proper to best use your branding, website, and social media to turn strangers into fans!

Topic 3: A Peek Into Our Industry

Duration: 20 Minutes

Busy Business Owners learn how to pick the best marketing service by filling our Marketing Shopping List!

How to Book a Workshop

Chambers of Commerce and Startup Incubators especially welcome to inquire!

1. Plan the Event

Meet with us to plan out the how, when, and where of the Workshop.

2. Receive Our Marketing Materials

We provide all the marketing materials you need to help raise awareness of the workshop.

3. Build an RSVP List

All attendees get a 10% discount off their first project with us!

4. Become a Member!

After a successful workshop, your Group can sign up for a free marketing consulting session!

"Bandila's Branding Workshop was an awesome experience for our startups and even some established companies. Bandila Studios was professional, knowledgeable, and focused on helping companies succeed. We will definitely be hosting them again!"

- David Nelson, Executive Director, FoundersForge

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Below are some Video Blogs with our workshop content!

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How Busy Business Owners Should Use Social Media

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How Good Branding Guarantees Growth

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A Smart Shopper's Guide to Marketing Services

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