Starter Path

Our Starter Path saves time and money, and there are no in-person meetings. Our online form below asks all the essential questions we need to begin your project! Just complete the questions below, reserve your project slot, and we'll begin. If you get stuck on the questions, we recommend checking out the Premium Path which is more collaborative and allows you to talk through your branding with our top designers.

Who can we contact during the project?

What would you like us to design for you?

Logo Kit


You'll receive 2 logo directions based off of your answers in this intake form. You can select one direction and request up to 2 revision requests for your project. Revision requests add an additional 1 week to your project.

Landing Page Website


1 page website only. If you'd like to request a multi-page, multi-functional website, select the Premium Path.

Social Media Kit


We'll design and create up to 9 social media post templates for you. We develop all our templates on Canva where you can download and customize your posts quickly and easily.

What colors would you like us to use?

Below is a cool tool that can help you generate your own color scheme for your business! Click the "Generate" button to load new color combinations. You can scroll down the tool to see what these colors would look like on marketing material. When you find the colors you like OR you already have colors for your business, copy up to 4 HEX Codes (ex. #f25152) by clicking the colored circles and pasting them in the fields below.

What fonts would you like us to use?

Now for the fonts! Below is a tool to select your fonts. Answer the descriptors based on your preferences and select "free". A selection of fonts will be created based on your answers! Add your first preference and second preference in the boxes.
*Note: If for some reason the fonts you selected is not free, we will find a similar Google Font that you can use for free.

Your Preferences and References

Like citing sources on your paper, we'll be able to see your perspective much clearer when we see your real-world tastes. A reference is the best way for your designers to understand your preferences. These fields are optional, but submitting them increases your chances of getting your project kicked off without any time spent on followup questions.

Your Mission Statement

First, to help us understand you and your goals, tell us your mission statement below.

Logo Preferences

The best way for us to understand your logo preferences is to visually see some logos you like! We recommend using the Shutterstock or iStock and pasting a few URLs and sending us a few notes below.

Website Preferences

Same deal for your website preferences! Paste a few links below of some of your favorite websites.

Social Media Preferences

Last is your preferences for your Social Media kit. Paste a few handles below of accounts you like visually. Provide us with further guidance like how you use your social media, what platforms you use the most, and your target audience!
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