Partnership Path

We invest time and money training our collective of designers to provide both great design services and a premium, consistent customer experience to everyone we support. We are seeking business groups around the nation looking to increase their capabilities by providing our design support to the small businesses, startups, and non-profit groups you serve.

Project standouts

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Partnership Kit


You can select an unlimited number of Starter Path products. Each product takes 2 weeks to complete. You can cancel at any time.
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Partnership+ Kit


You can select an unlimited number of Premium Path products. Each individual project requires 4 weeks to complete. All projects come with a brand board (slide 4). You can cancel at any time.
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White Label


We'll design and create up to 9 social media post templates for you to customize posts for your business. We develop all our templates on Canva where you can download and customize your posts quickly and easily. We will create a custom-branded webpage for you that links directly to our Collective's services.
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