Marketing      Foundations Program

Lay the groundwork of your future marketing department!

This is a 1 year, $20,000 program that includes:

Social Media Management

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

- Account setup and page optimization
- 2 In-person photo & video shoots
- 1 year of posts, videos, and reels
- Quarterly performance reports

On-Demand + Unlimited Marketing Collateral Design

Turn-Time: 2 Weeks

- Digital collateral (Infographics, PowerPoints...)
- Physical collateral (Brochures, Signage...)
- Listing platforms (Google Maps, Angi...)
- Campaign-specific marketing material
*Production sold separately*

Google Ad Campaigns

- Digital ad creation
- Target audience
- Geo-fencing

Future Development

- Management & long-term strategy
- Department infrastructure & processes
- Onboarding & training in-house employees

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