Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Designers?

Michael Sia | Bandila Studios Founder

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been the talk of the town in 2023, and for good reason.

The technology behind tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, border on the magical. All you have to do is tell the A.I what you want and it'll produce the research, artwork, or cooking instructions you need. Forget the internet being at your fingertips, it's literally at your service.

With these amazing capabilities, it's unsurprising that everyone is placing bets on what A.I will do to the economy, particularly in design and marketing. Some are claiming it's the end of the road for professional creators. A.I. will be able to design logos, create websites, and push out ads cheaper and 10 times quicker than a human designer can. While I agree that A.I. has distinct these advantages and more, I can see 1 essential factor in the human designers' favor.

That factor is time management.

Even though Artificial Intelligence can run laps around us when it's assigned to complete a task, it does not know how to prioritize that task to the broader scope of tasks the way humans can. When you work with Designers, you're paying for more an aesthetically pleasing logo and website. You are also paying for someone to look at your business from another perspective, diagnose what your business needs most, and help you prioritize the important tasks to handle.

An example of this was when we were creating a Membership Subscription page for Vincent Meng. Designing a Membership page and form system for inputs is the easy part that A.I. could complete. But our Designers took it a step further and thought about the most time-effective design on the backend to optimize his workflow. With our additional thought, uploading new courses fits perfectly into his workflow and his technological preferences. The customer's experience is unaffected, but to a busy business owner like Vincent, it helped save him valuable brain power and time.

As a busy business owner yourself, your job is to find the most effective way to manage your time. A.I. can save time by executing things quickly. However, a good Creators can help you find ways to manage your time effectively by using thoughtful design.

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