How Good Branding Guarantees Growth

Michael Sia | Bandila Studios Founder

Every business owner knows deep down that they need to improve their business' branding.

But whenever an opportunity comes along to invest into it, owners tend to hesitate. After all, it's a lot of money being spent on something that seemingly won't produce extra sales. Wouldn't this money best be spent hiring an intern, buying better machines to produce your product, or going to an exclusive networking event connect with potential future clients?

Well, consider this; what is a logo? What is a website? These are ASSETS. Assets, as defined in Investopedia, can be thought of as something that, in the future, can generate cash flow, reduce expenses, or improve sales.

Believe it or not, Branding fits comfortably into this section of the balance sheet. Think of a company like Ferrari. Notice that these multi-six figure cars do the same thing that any other car does: take you from point A to point B. Sure, there is more performance packed into these cars, but nowadays, a Tesla that still costs 3 times less can beat it in a drag race.

The reason why people dream and fawn over these cars is because of the car-maker's Brand. In the famous words of Enzo Ferrari himself, "Ask a child to draw a car, and he will certainly draw it red". That's the definition of branding being an asset.

Now it's time to apply it to your business. While you won't have the time or the desire to become a professional designer, there are two important nuggets of information you should have when working with our Team here at Bandila or any other creative services business out there. They apply to the two main pillars of your business' marketing: your Branding (i.e. logos, colors, fonts) and your Website.

Before I dive in, you'll notice I talk about the Customer Relationship Timeline. This is the basis of our entire marketing philosophy at Bandila and I highly recommend you using this method for any future campaigns. I found this method from Seth Godin's incredible blog where he talks about how Permission Marketing, the process of allowing the customer to let your business into their lives, is how businesses should be selling to customers in the 21st century.

First up is your Branding. They key goal here is to be consistent. Compare this lesson to personal dating. When you start going on dates with a person, you're looking for consistent patterns in their personality over a period of time to see if they match with what you're looking for.

Second is your Website. This is the most complex asset you'll buy for your marketing. You're considering not only the looks of your site, but user experience (UX) adds another new dimension to the overall impression your site will give to potential customers. We highly recommend using a template from one of the many website platforms out there like Webflow, Wix, or Squarespace, to help you maximize your UX before finding a professional when you have the budget.

That was a long blog! As a show of appreciation for getting to the end, you can get 5% off your first project with us by putting the key word "mango" in the Contact Form! :)

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