How Busy Business Owners Should Use Social Media

Michael Sia | Bandila Studios Founder

We know that as a busy business owner, it's pretty time-consuming to manage your company's social media.

And on top of that, rarely do you see the results match all the hard work you put into each post. It's not like the good old days where a Facebook or Instagram can be seen by all of your followers. Algorithms and people's desensitization to any post that feels like an ad can bury the pictures you worked so hard to design and caption.

The solutions to this pretty simple. If people nowadays like seeing personality in posts, then you'll just have to post about your company's personality!

Can a company have a personality? Well, large companies have a hard time with this because they are serving so many different types of people. However, as a busy business owner, you most likely run a business based of your identity as a person! So, as the title of this article suggests,

Don't sell. Just tell.

To best understand this, we've created a video explaining how you should treat your social media as a startup or small business. Stay away from selling at all costs! You're an amazing entrepreneur who built a company out of a vision and a dream. You have tons of stories and events that led up to where you are now, and people LOVE to hear about it!

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