A Smart Shopper's Guide to Marketing Services

Michael Sia | Bandila Studios Founder

There is major decision paralysis in the marketing industry

After 5 years in this business, I've learned that most business owners know they need to improve their marketing, but don't know where to look. Thanks to the internet, there is an infinite amount of agencies and freelancers offering an innumerable variety of marketing services. As a busy business owner, just typing in the right Google Search is a time-consuming task. In order to find the Marketing Service you're looking for, you have to complete 2 steps.

The first step is to create a shopping list.

Just like going to the grocery store, you need to create a shopping list of things you need. Without one, you'll wind up either purchasing things you don't need or spend all your time and energy window shopping. Thankfully, we have a video AND downloadable worksheet in this blog post that you can use as a guide to help you stay disciplined in your search!

Purchases of Marketing Services should be treated like a car purchase.

So long as you do your evaluate your needs, do your research, stick to your budget, and find trusted sources and referrals to identify credible businesses, you'll wind up with a service that you are happy with and can accelerate your company's growth!

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