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Bandila Designers have lots of great perks like full telework, a flexible workload that can fit around your full time job, and being part of an amazing team sprinkled around the nation!
With this in mind, we wanted to make a thorough 5-step application process to make sure your needs and goals align with ours.
1. Please fill out and submit your application here.
2. Schedule and speak with Michael for a 15-20 minute introduction.
3. Meet with one of our Team Leads for a thorough interview.
4. Receive and complete a case study directly applicable to the work you'll be doing with our group.
5. Receive your Welcome Packet and Onboarding Package to join our Team!

Starter Path Standouts

First some basic information

Now let's see some of your work!

Submit below some links to your portfolio. We also want to here about a project that you're truly proud of here, so we added a space where you can talk about it

Let's learn about your goals!

Lastly, can we have a few references?

Since we are a purely online business and provide great opportunities for our designers, we want to recruit the good designers that are also amazing people. Give us at least 1 reference we can reach out to and ask a few questions through email!
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