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Modular Marketing for businesses.

What is modular marketing?

It’s the process of breaking down your marketing efforts into smaller, more manageable pieces. The idea behind modular marketing is to make it easier for us as designers to work more effectively with you!

Easier for you

We itemized each service and slapped a price tag on it, making it easier for you to budget

Easier for us

By picking and choosing the services you want, we clearly understand how to best serve you.

Why we exist

There is currently a tradeoff between collaboration and convenience in marketing that we intend to fill. Our goal is to give businesses like yours who are too big for a freelancer and too small for an agency a service that fits your needs perfectly.

Keeping it Collaborative

When creating your Asset Pack, our designers are able to understand and remember your unique business needs.

Keeping it Convenient

We do the hard work for our members and curate full marketing campaigns according to each quarter's sales peaks that you can order with one click!

How it works

Our business is like Keurig, but for marketing. First, you purchase the best Asset Pack for your business (your coffee maker). Then, you'll have access to our curated marketing kits released every quarter for our members (your K-Cups).

Pick an Asset Pack

Pick one of three asset packs that best fits your business.

Our asset packs accommodate the leanest of startups to the most established small businesses!

Receive your Asset Pack

We build and deliver the logo and website of your dreams.

Typical things a freelancer/agency can do (though we think we do it a tad bit better!) The next step is where it gets interesting...

Become a Member

Get exclusive access to Bandila's Marketing Packs

Every quarter, we curate and release Marketing Packs that help you capitalize on peak selling cycles throughout the year. Once you order a pack, we customize it to your business and help you plan an execution strategy to maximize your reach!

"We don't just want to just sell you marketing products like everyone else. We want to PUSH you to be proactive in your marketing at least once every quarter. By becoming an active Member, you'll be taking the steps to grow your business!"

Michael Sia, Founder of Bandila Studios

Buy customized Marketing Packs!

process complete!
Ordering Marketing Packs is as easy as ordering products on Amazon :)

Modularity has been achieved! Your business now has a super awesome logo and website PLUS a nation-wide design group as your own personal, proactive marketing department!



$2,000 OR

$1,000 + $43/mo Membership


$1,000 OR

$750 + $29/mo Membership

Choose This Pack!



$3,000 OR

$2,000 + $52/mo Membership


$2,000 OR

$1,500 + $29/mo Membership

Choose This Pack!



$5,000 OR

$3,000 + $58/mo Membership


$3,000 OR

$2,000 + $29/mo Membership

Choose This Pack!


Customized Marketing Packs

Update your website banner, optimize your social media, and print collateral to capitalize on your yearly sales cycles.

FREE business card designs on signup!

Consulting & Marketing Strategy

Become a Member!

What makes us different





Easy to use




Gig Platforms


Predictable price


Loved by the community

Environment friendly


Great community support

Focused on value



Predictable price


Loved by the community

Environment friendly


Great community support

Focused on value



Predictable price


Loved by the community

Environment friendly


Great community support

Focused on value

"They laid out clear schedule of work and costs upfront making the process clear and transparent."

Michael Ragsdale | CEO
Bailout Systems
Flyer Pitch Sponsors

From competitor to sponsor, Bandila is proud to help brand the next wave of Dayton-based entrepreneurs!

Donated Services

Branding kits and consulting from our group helped 3 Flyer Pitch cohorts succeed after the competition

"They worked closely with me to understand my vision and made sure who I am really shows through with the logo and website they made me.".

Martina Watson, Esq.
Martina Watson Law
5 Stars!
A fantastic experience

"They were super responsive and even worked with us on our very tight deadline."

Perfect for nonprofits

"Working with this group was SO easy!"

members on our team

All US-based and handpicked based on their skill and their passion to spread our mission nationwide

opportunities for all

Learning programs and workshops for businesses and designers alike to become better professionals in their line of work.

"The weekly video walkthroughs give you a perfect understanding of the direction the team is moving.

Amanda Nosbich | Director
One Small Step
est. 2018
in a college dorm room

We encompass the American Dream and hope to provide opportunities to small business owners and entrepreneurs

businesses served

From a variety of industries in all different sizes!

"On top of the quality service, they are affordable, too!".

Grand Master Meng | Founder
Meng's Martial Arts

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